Professional & Personalised Celebrations

Celebration of Life

In some circumstances it may be that you decided to have a quiet, simple funeral for the person who passed away. Although the funeral probably included some expression of celebrating their life, you may feel that you'd like to do something more to celebrate their life away from the context of the funeral service.

That's where a Celebration of Life event can help. A funeral is often limited according to schedule at the crematorium where the funeral took place. A Celebration of Life can take place anywhere, at home, at a local restaurant or wherever you wish.

From a simple gathering around a meal, sharing memories and stories, to something that includes music, readings and other ways of remembering and celebrating the contribution your loved one made to the many lives they touched, a Celebration of Life gives you the opportunity to take time to reflect and share all those precious memories together.

It can take place on the same day as the funeral or on a different day or maybe even the anniversary. It's up to you. 

I'm here to help should you need me.