Professional & Personalised Celebrations


A wedding is a great time to celebrate for very obvious reasons! But, having decided to get married, the choices of when and where are just the start of the planning process.

Whilst there are legal requirements that constrain the time and venue of a marriage ceremony, you may decide that you want your celebration at a time and place of choice. This allows you to have a celebration that reflects more of what you would like to include in your wedding event.

In order to do this you will need to arrange to get married legally in the presence of a registrar. You can do this informally a few days before your celebration, leaving your special day to be enjoyed with your family and friends around you in the setting of your choice. With the legal requirements met, you can then share your vows, exchange your rings and celebrate wherever and whenever you wish.

Working together we will craft a celebration that will reflect your beliefs, ideas and wishes. It will be personal, creative, unique and memorable. 

Your ceremony can be faith-based, partly religious or non-religious, based around a theme of your choosing.

My service to you:

A face-to-face meeting where possible or via Skype if that is more convenient.

Regular email or other communication throughout the planning process

Developing a ceremony that reflects your beliefs, wishes and expectations.

On the day:

I will be there in good time to ensure everyone is ready and that the music and other elements of the celebration are all in place.

A printed copy of the celebration can be made available for you to keep as a memento of the day