Professional & Personalised Celebrations


Arranging a funeral can be a difficult and challenging time. My role is to help and support you as you plan, and to guide the service on the day.

In the past the choice of funeral service was often a simple choice between a religious funeral or a totally non-religious funeral. 

But there is another option, something that bridges the gap between religious and non-religious. A funeral service with as much or as little spiritual content as you want. Increasingly, bereaved families are customising ceremonies to honour & respect their loved ones in ways that reflect their spirit and personality. There is a clear shift away from the formal and traditional ceremony (with all its liturgy) to a real celebration of life. 

You choose whether to have a traditional style service with hymns, readings and prayers or something more different.

Involved in church based ministry for over 20 years, I now work with bereaved families to design the funeral service they feel most appropriately reflects the life of the loved one who has passed away. A mixture of music and readings, poems and personal messages can all be included.

The day on which you say your final farewell is a day like no other. When such a day arrives it’s reassuring to know that someone will be there to help and guide you through the process of planning and making all the arrangements. That is my principle role, and a privilege I take seriously.

My service includes:

A home visit or meeting at a mutually convenient location where feasible.

Developing a service that best suits the person who has passed away and the needs of those who are gathering to remember them

We will discuss their life and maybe consider family members or friends who would like to take part.

Gathering together the memories the family and friends would like to share

Discussing any particular music to be played on entering or leaving?

Considering favourite poems or readings?

Considering any spiritual or religious content eg The Lord's Prayer or a favourite hymn?

The Ceremony will be prepared including writing a tribute for you, or assist family and friends in delivering their own tributes.

Your Funeral Director and I shall work closely together, with members of staff at the crematorium or burial ground, ensuring the ceremony proceeds according to your wishes.

On the day of the ceremony I shall be there with you, to conduct the Service.